Saturday, December 25, 2010

Twelve days of Fluffmas questions

I discovered Stampin FluffnStuff not too long ago and have since been reading it and having a laugh or two. I have slowly gotten to read more and more about Faye and her fabulous cards. I really enjoy the way Faye writes and in my opinion, she should have considered a career in writing at some point in her life ;)
So when she posted this candy with "a Fluffy twist" I knew I wanted to take part. If you've never visited her, go and get to know her too. It's always fun :)

1. How old is Sweet Cheeks?

                   2 years old

2. What is the name of my Mum's Blog?

                    It's an alien life

3. What are my favourite colours? (Clue; they're not what you might think they are!)


4. We recently moved, but from which county?

                   I think you moved from Devon

5. How many posts did I write in August?


6. Which two Challenge Blogs do I play on?

                  I see that you posts projects for cupcake and sweet stamping challenges

7. When is my birthday? (Clue; I was on holiday!)

                 I think your birthday is in March, not sure which day...

8. What is my favourite crafting item?

9. Name the alternate reality I inhabit?

              Faye world

10. I love this as much as crafting, what is it?
              Chocklit :)

11. What do we refer to my Dad as? (Bonus stash if you can tell me what his remedy for anything is?)

            The Doc his remedy is a bottle of White Lightening, lol.

12. Once Upon a Time, I had a career in?
           You used to be a pastry chef, restaurant manager and worked in HR.
Hope I got most of them right...
This was a fun twist, what a great idea, Faye!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

For a special little boy

I made this for my little nephew who is expected to arrive soon and is actually way past his due date. I would like this to be used for his first picture. I'm putting it in a scrapbook frame to keep the dust out and prevent any of those little pieces from falling off. I hope my sister in law likes it.

I made most of the flowers myself using felt, tulle, paper, string, rhinestones and pearls. I cut the tigger out of a piece of fabric with scenes from the classic winnie the pooh. The frame on the central piece of paper is actually a woven ribbon glued on with glue lines :)

I would like to enter this for the Tuesday Morning Sketches challenge #73 Embellish it!
I think this is very fitting, talk about embellishing, Lol!

Happy Holidays, Everyone!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Entry for The Paper Variety Challenge Week 14

The photo inspiration for this week was so cute! I would have jumped on it to do a page about my dogs, but I had to make a giftcard holder for our secret santa at work and I was inspired by the photo's beautiful colors. I've been craving layers lately so I combined the two and this is what I came up with:

The gift card is taped onto the ribbon so it can be pulled out easily. Oh, did I mention they are giving away a mitten weather mini deck on Tuesday to one lucky person? go play!

So sad that  the paper variety will be off for 2 weeks :(  but I do hope the girls enjoy their vacation ;)

Candy arrived!

Last Friday I won candy from Karen at Chidscrafts she has really great tutorials and ideas at her blog. Go check it out, right now! ok, maybe right after the rest of this post... :)
This is the very cute candy I got in the mail today, I was so excited!:

I know my messy desk doesn't do it justice, it really is wonderful candy. I LOVE ribbon and these ribbons are so awesome and have so much texture. I have big plans for the chalk! I'm not sure what I'm going to make with the album yet...I'm thinking a heritage album about my childhood. Thanks so much Karen!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Baby shower card

After my first easel card, I was hooked! I had to try again, so I made this baby shower card for my sister in law. I used the summer dream double sided stack from DCWV, it's on clearance, unfortunately (fortunately for you, if you find one!). It's beautiful! I hope they do another double sided stack soon :)
I didn't use an envelope, I tied it with a few ribbons.
I used a tutorial to learn how to make easel cards. Here's the link



School is over for now, and I'm so glad to get back to crafting! :)