Sunday, January 30, 2011

Project Scrap Our Stash Update

I've tried!
I've tried really hard...
I've  been mostly good. I've skipped craft stores even when I was passing right by, but I've had to give in once in a while ;) I've bought some stamps that were on clearance, some rhinestone stickers and some clearance Christmas papers and embellishments. When I had coupons I bought a paper punch and some smooch spritz. I've bought stuff that I know I'm going to use and that was on sale. I guess I'm still trying to build up my stash on certain things like punches and stamps. I don't have the variety I would like to have yet.

I think I've done ok for the first month. I mean, even after all the holiday sales and clearance items, I didn't buy as much as I would have otherwise. It may seem like a lot but it's not, really!
I'm happy with my efforts but I think I can do better next month and I will certainly try!

I've been using stuff from my stash. I don't go looking for more supplies on purpose and I haven't bought anything regular price. I think that's progress....right?

How have you been doing? Can't wait to visit you all and find out!

If you happened to stumble onto this post and you want to find out what this is all about, check Lara's blog to find out or click the Scrap Our Stash button on the right.


  1. I think we're about the same! I made a dent in my stash, but there were a few sales that were hard to pass up. And, I found a Tim Holtz die in a local store that I've been wanting - it's hard not to support your local store! I'd love to see what you made from your stash!

  2. That is definitely progress Karla!! Shopping is a tough habit to break, especially with scrapping stuff! Glad you are going to do again in February. Hope this month is easier for you :)

  3. I think it's lots of progress! Even if you end up buying sth, just stopping to consider if it's really necessary or what kind of stuff you want to add to your stash instead of buying everything you see and like is already making a difference.

  4. GREAT Progress on Scrappin' Your Stash!! Have a GREAT Day,
    Me-Ma Kim

  5. Wanted to say hi! I've headed over from Denise's blog challenge Project 2011 where we use up stash!

  6. It's certainly difficult to resist the sales. Especially when there's something you really wanted for a while. I've been good in Jan - no shopping

  7. It is hard to resist sales especially if you have a very small tools to build up. I know when I first started I kept buying tools left and right because of seeing on two peas inspiration. You did good for month of Jan look forward to your feb report

  8. Great stash Karla - I think I need to raid my bank to get all the glorious goodies that are on sale here in LA. Must check out where you have been and see if it is possible to visit some of these places. Also if I have room to take any more home LOL.
    In answer to your question - no we don't have Mexican restaurants close by where I live so I like to fill up on Mexican food (and Margaritas) when I am here. El Presidente here I come.

  9. You still did great you made sure things you got were on sale and that it was something you will really use, that's still progress. January was a hard month with all the great after Christmas sales so you will probably find February easier.

  10. Hi Karla, I'm a newbie to this 'Scrap your Stash' business, and I know it's difficult to avoid sales and goodies you're dying to have especially tools ;-) Keep it up girl!
    I can open a shop with all of my stash, so I better get cracking!


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