Sunday, May 1, 2011

Project 2011 Progress Update

So I felt so proud of myself because I didn't shop too much this month. I just looked at my credit card statements, and I only spent about $50 at Michaels and Joann's for the whole month of April. This is pretty good for me!  Only about 3 visits total in April. usually I would go to each store at least once a week. that means I would make about 8 visits to a craft store per month! shocking!

I had a pretty close call shopping online. I almost spent $60 online yesterday but I kept thinking about project 2011 and how proud I was of myself, so I stopped. I closed the browser quickly and walked away. If I can narrow it down to $25-$30 I'll allow myself to buy it next month. I'm hoping that I keep spending less and less because I KNOW I have plenty of stash to use already.

ugh...and you all haven't even seen my yarn stash! *hangs head in shame*

So one of the things I bought this month was the 'World Traveler' stack by DCWV and a 'notebook' paper punch. so here are 3 layouts that I made this month (haven't had much crafting time).

Here we go...
I used the DCWV cotton blossom stack which I've had since very early this year and those chipboard shapes and numbers are really old stash :)

When I bought this stack, I was so excited but then I didn't use it as much as I thought I would. So I'm using it now and trying to limit my purchase of papers and stacks....well, a girl can try!
This is the 'World Traveler' stack and notebook punch. I figured I should only buy stuff I love and I know I'll use right away. I got ideas for pages right away. I knew what pictures I could put on which pages and it seemed to fit so well with a lot of my pictures!
This paper is another travel stack from Me and My Big Ideas. I love these papers too. I think I got this stack in the fall last year. I haven't used it too much since. I've had the flowers and brads for a while too :)

I wonder if taking it a week at a time will be easier for me...celebrating every sunday that I didn't go shopping that week by giving myself some extra crafting time. I'll try that this month.

I hope you all did your best this month too :)
If you didn't, there's always next month!


  1. Karla, you did so well!!! Good for you for closing your browser :))))) Your layouts are BEAUTIFUL!!!

  2. Karla, good for you for doing so well last month. Me...not so much! lol I didn't hit the big chain store but...HELLO LSS and ONLINE Shopping! I even bought the new Cricket Expression 2 on HSN! GASP! Does it mess me up for the next 5 months on my Project 2011 since I am doing payments?!!? LOL
    Now aren't I making you feel good about yourself?! ha
    Thanks for the NSD suggestion...but guess what?? I just signed up for that Bigpictureclasses event this afternoon!
    I hope your weekend rocks!! HUGS, Stacy H-W

  3. Good grief! I didn't even tell you how awesome your layouts are!!! They are all superb! Great job girl! Stacy H-W


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