Saturday, June 11, 2011

Some Cards and New Blog Candy

Keep reading for new blog candy pictures :)
I've been making a lot of cards lately. I'm not usually a card maker, I make lots more LOs than cards.
But after the first card I made with the Heritage papers I couldn't stop and I made 2 more. Loving these papers. Where can I get a whole stack? These are going to be thank you cards for my co-workers. They all have the same thank you bird stamp inside. I use ribbons to close the cards. I don't like to put them in envelopes unless I'm mailing them. If I'm giving them in person, I tie them with ribbons. I don't like to hide the cards in envelopes :)
This is a happy birthday card for my mother in law. I bought my first butterfly punch in May and this is the first use it's gotten. I'm waiting for the Martha Stewart monarch butterfly punch to go on sale so I can get a bigger butterfly.

Thanks for looking! 

Now on to the blog candy. Here's what I have to add: 

Some details of what's included:

Hope you like! 
I'm gonna try to add a little more before I leave on vacation at the end of this month. Remember I'll do the draw on July 29 When I get back from my much needed vacation! Enter using the link on my sidebar and help me advertise ;) 
Thank you! 

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