Sunday, January 27, 2013

Friends Canvas & Mini Tutorial

This canvas is for my friend. She's the most amazing person I've met. I made her this for Valentine's day :

She can either display it on an easel or hang it on the wall. 

I used DCWV's Solstice Stack which is at Joann's right now. 
I started by covering the canvas in paint, first gold, then pink, then added the sheet of paper. I LOVE DCWV paper because I can do this:  
This paper is from a different DCWV stack. Just for demonstration purposes ;)  
I mist the back of the paper and let the water soak in for a second. While its wet, I rubb off most of the white. I'm left with the beautiful pattern. When you use it like this, the paper will be somewhat sheer and you will be able to see some of whatever you place behind it. I love the random small tears it gets because it shows more of the background through. I use gel medium to attach it to my canvas. But any clear glue that doesn't buckle the paper should do.

After the paper, I added some streaks of white paint. I did all the painting and gluing with my fingers so you can imagine what my hands looked like afterwards!

I added these friendship quotes that are printed on clear backing (Quote stacks-DCWV deals). 
 This one had polka dots, so I went with it and stamped dots in the same colors on the entire canvas. 
Then I used more white paint over the whole thing.

This one is also from the quote stack. I backed it onto the new 6x6 adhesive fabric. The fabric has a sheer look  to it as well, which was perfect for my project. I double backed it behind the text so the delicate lettering would be more visible.

I love this sweet spot. I've been wanting to use it forever! (Sweet spot- Precocious paper)

I also used the adhesive fabric to secure the ribbon in the back. First I stapled it on the cavas, then I used a strip of the fabric to secure it better and neatly. You can see the sheer look of the fabric. I love it! I want to try misting on it and stamping with distress inks! 

...anyway...back to the canvas. I hope my friend likes it :) and I hope you give the 'rubbing off' technique a try ;) 

Hope you enjoyed your visit today :) 


Friday, January 25, 2013

Make sure to get the pizza in the picture!

I made sure that pizza box got in the picture. It was delicious. We got it at a little place with awesome reviews by grand central station. Then we walked over to Rockefeller center and at first we were trying to hide it, but it dawned on me, we should show it in the picture. It was really a nice evening out.

I would have liked to have a better picture, but it's been raining and gloomy. I had to take it in artificial light at an odd angle!

I used 3 different DCWV stacks for this LO. Snapshot, Heirloom Christmas and Christmas and Winter 180 :)

Hope You're having better weather wherever you are!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Smile for the Camera!

I've loved the snapshot stack for a LONG time. I just recently bought it and I used it right away to make this card. I used a label maker with black tape, since that's one of the accents used throughout the stack. I love it. This might be one of my favorite cards! One of my best friends ever got this for her birthday.


I smudged out the message. I forgot to take a picture before writing on it!  

Thanks for looking. Hope the rest of your week goes well :)

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Holiday Lunch


Every year my husband's employer throws an amazing show of appreciation to their employees at HQ. We get to have an amazing lunch on board a cruise ship. 


It's all very organized so I made this memorabilia page to save all the little things they give us to organize the day.  I'm just happy that I actually remembered to include my memorabilia here. It's something  I usually forget!

On a different note...
So who's looking forward to all the peeks, videos and photos from CHA? 
Keep an eye on the DCWV blog. Erin is great at posting pics and videos!