Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My Lady and My Tramp

My husband and I got Zoe when she was a puppy. 
This was before we were knowledgeable about shelters and the homeless pets at overcrowded dog pounds. 
I think the people we bought her from were constantly breeding their dogs and selling the puppies. It's sad that we didn't know better at the time. 
However I don't regret it because we ended up with Zoe and she is wonderful. 

When Zoe was 2 years old, we decided we wanted another dog. This time we knew better and the county animal control was having a promotion at the dog pounds. Any dog over a year old was $47 fixed and with shots. 
I browsed their online database and found a dog I knew belonged with us. However, he was in a pound that was a bit far and we were not able to make it to that pound right away.

A couple weeks later we were driving close to the area where the pound was located and decided to stop by and have a look. The dog I wanted was still there! My husband took one look and said 'let's take him home!' 

When we got him, he was covered in fleas and had kennel cough but the pound even provided the medication to treat the kennel cough for FREE. Yep. FREE. Awesome. 
oh, and flea drops and a vet visit to any vet, both FREE. 
Did I mention they also provided a FREE microchip? 
I know, pretty cool! 


Jacob and Zoe really bonded after a year. Now they're really cute together. Once in a while, they go nuzzle each other and give each other a little lick on the snout. This picture of them always reminds me of the movie 'Lady and the Tramp.' 


Of course now I have 3 dogs. But I'll tell you the story of how we got the 3rd one in a different post. This turned out a lot longer than I thought.  

Hope your week is going well :)

Saturday, August 24, 2013

100% Memorable

I saw this WRMK map paper at my LSS and decided I needed it. LOL 
It came with the 'so many coastlines to visit' strip as well as the arrows and a journaling strip I didn't use on this LO. 

I bought it before I went on vacation and it turned out to be perfect for this LO about a visit to a beach in Scotland. It was quite a drive from where we were staying but it was worth it! 

As you can see it was pretty cold for a couple from so cal. 


Oh yeah...I started this LO attempting to 'embrace the white space.' HA! 
once I had everything laid out I noticed there wasn't too much white space left! LOL 

I guess I'm gonna give it another try. I like to try different styles because you learn so much when you leave your comfort zone. 

For me, this LO was not far away from my comfort zone at all, but I like it.
I'll give the 'white space' thing another try and share here :) 

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Life's a Breeze...Sometimes ;)

I love the new Sweet Tangerine stack. I wanted to put a little bit of each pattern paper on this LO. 
However, I settled for cutting up the journaling cards and border strips and I used those to layer around the picture. 
In this photo we were walking to the Viking ship museum in Oslo, Norway. It was beautiful and our Baltic cruise had just started so we were nice and rested. 


I added little details here and there. 
I used the green card for journaling and tucked it behind the 'life's a breeze' card. 


You can see the big heard of Geese behind us :) 
We were a little worried about crossing here. But they were really nice geese and we did not get attacked LOL


Check out this stack next time you're at Michael's. You have to see it in person. 

I have to say, I'm loving the new stuff DCWV has come up with lately. 
I've been neglecting my other scrapbooking papers. I bought some just before vacation and I was very excited to use them. However, after receiving these stacks, they're all I want to work with. I'm all done with my design team assignments for the month so almost all the projects I've been making are for the pure joy of using pretty paper :D  

This is Sweet Tangerine: 


OH! I forgot...for little tiny embellishments like the wood veneer heart, I use these sticky dots. You can find them HERE. They come in sheets full of TINY sticky dots and are so versatile! I just lift up the corner of the sheet to reveal a bit of the dots and pick them up with the embellishment. 
I don't know what I would do without them!
Good thing they're pretty inexpensive ;) 
Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Wanna see sheep on an island?

Look below... 



Here's a bit of a different view of this. 
If you're from the Scottish highlands, this might be a common sight for you. 
But trust me, for us, this was an amazing sight! 


While I was at it, I made a card. Very inspirational messages in this stack too! 

Love the little starts that are part of the new DCWV bling. 

I used Sky's the Limit   

and a little burlap on the card 

Sunday, August 18, 2013

No back to school for me!

I'm NOT going back to school this fall for the first time in a long time! I finished grad school last summer but still had to go back to complete one more class for a certificate. SO this fall is big. No school for me! I have to go back to teach...but I won't be a student anymore :)  

So what do I do with all the school theme papers? 
anything NOT school related! 

This was at my friend's baby shower I put some of the confetti we used that day in a little vellum envelope from DCWV deals. I used the foiled 6x6 stack to punch out some hearts and added 
a little of the new bling here and there. I love this iridescent pink. 


Ok I also did one school related thing...kind of...a school memory. Why not?! 
This is a picture I sent my pre-calc professor. My dog actually fell asleep on my math book. I guess there's something in those math books that makes you doze off... 
The professor thought the picture was cute (at least that's what he said). 

The journaling talks about my life experience with math. I've always been in advanced courses for every subject except math. I tried, my teachers tried, but it just didn't work out. Although, I was always great at geometry, statistics, and if you put a big complicated equation in the form of a word problem, then I have a better chance of solving it ;) 
I'd love to read some about your experiences with math 
in the comments :D 

Random thought: I'm really into inking my wood veneer with gold ink...don't know why. I'm gonna try other metallic inks and see how I like that. 

The paper is the new Homeroom by DCWV. It has both silver and gold accents. 
It's also useful for your other life events...not just school related ;)

Friday, August 16, 2013

A Happy Day

Remember my friend who is having a baby? 
Here we are taking pics at her baby shower. I helped out with the props and that was fun. 
It was even more fun getting to use them with her. We don't have too many pictures together, so I'm really happy to have these :) 


This is the Haute Pink stack. It has the prettiest colors and gold accents. I inked the wood veneer pieces with Tsukineko Galaxy Gold. I'm really loving the new DCWV bling...these are little hot pink hearts. The tab with the hearts contains the journaling ;)

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

So I saw this place in my Art History book...

...and decided I would visit one day. Well, here I am at the Hagia Sophia with the hubs:
Yeah, I'm still putting those journaling cards next to the photos. Don't know when I'm going to stop liking  that :)

I used some gold PP Luxe rub-ons throughout the page. If you pull the tab, there's a clear envelope that contains the tickets.


This is the 12x12 Far East stack and the Printed Craft 6x6 

Hope you're having a great day! 

Sunday, August 11, 2013

For a sweet new girl...

One of my very best friends is having a baby. She's always wanted to be a mom 
and I know she'll be a great one. This little girl will be VERY spoiled all of her mom's friends :) 
The Little Miss stack is so perfect to document this new little one. 


I sprinkled sequins on the page and added the new DCWV bling pearls in the middle. I think it makes it that  much sweeter ;)

Ps. I hear the song in my head every time I read the title LOL

Friday, August 9, 2013

For the boys...

The Little Mister stack is so cute! full of wonderful colors :)
I'm loving those little cards. They're almost 3x4. 
I love them next to a 4x6 picture and a little tilted to one side. 


Used one for hidden journaling too. How cute are those bows?!

Here's another LO. This one is my husband and my nephew. My husband spoils him anytime he gets a chance and here he was letting him have a little more video time. 


Don't forget about the big boys in your life...your significant others...This card is for anyone you call 'Baby' in a romantic way ;)

Wouldn't this make a cute lunch note for the hubby?  check out the new  DCWV bling. It has great adhesive and will stick really good the first time you put it down. Even on glossy paper! 

Phew! That's all for today! 
Have a GREAT weekend! 

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Feel a little rusty...

This is my first LO since getting back from vacation. I stopped making stuff about a week before I it's been a while. It's interesting to feel 'rusty' when scrapping. Ever felt that way? yuck hope it goes away soon...Anyway here's what I made:

NY is where it's at! The photo is just so representative of New York to me. The yellow cab and the American flag...on a big LCD screen...This photo has always been one of my favorites but I wasn't sure how to scrap it until now. I had to make the 'confetti' by using punches to get different size dots. I used the 6x6 foiled cardstock. The papers are from the Decor Noir stack and the hearts are from Vintage Collector. All these beautiful papers are DCWV. I made this using the August Stack-a-holic Challenge sketch. There's one for cards too. Here's the link so you can play too 

Also used my favorite dots...pre-cut. No fuss 

Friday, August 2, 2013

Make your friends a goody box

Hi Everyone! I'm back from vacation and of course I brought souvenirs for my friends and family.
So to distribute them I'm making little boxes to fill with treats we picked up during our trip.

I used the Emerald Garden stack to make a box (instructions below):

I lined it with doilies 

Filled it with treats. 


Folded over the doilies


Covered it & tied it with ribbon 


To make the box I scored a 12 x 12 sheet of paper in 3rds (4" & 8") on each side. 
You should have 9 squares. The middle square is the top of the box. 
Then I scored each side of the paper at 2" (scoring each outer square in half) 
Fold the score lines
Cut on the yellow lines  
Then you get tabs that will help you form the box.
To make the bottom part of the box start with an 11" square
Then score at 3 5/8" all around 
Then score at 1 6/8" all around
Do the same process of  scoring and cutting.

Let me know if you need any more instructions :)


Hope your weekend is going great!