Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!

With the end of 2013, I got to thinking about all the craftiness I surround myself with the entire year. I thought I would show you my favorite products, projects and general crafty stuff. Since it's 2013, I'll give you the top 13 in no particular order.

My top 13 of 2013

1. Fox Wood Chips by Freckled Fawn. Don't own them, but love them!

2. The Adventures of Glitter Girl

3. DCWV's Vintage Collector stack

4. Coffee Mini Album

5. DCWV's Travel Adventure stack- Cause I love to travel

6. My Artisan Explorer Machine- Small but mighty!

7. Glitzy Glitter stack

8. This Card

9. This arrow die

10. Creative Medium

11. These Alphabet Stickers

12. DCWV's adhesive fabric stack-I even use it in my typewriter!

13. Stately Circles Dies

Can't wait to see what's next in 2014!
Best Wishes for the coming year!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Every year we stage Christmas photos with the dogs. They don't mind too much cause they get a treat after :) 
 I had this LO ready to go. I just had to add the picture. 

Merry Christmas! 

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Have a Blast!

This used to be a mint container. I usually upcycle mint and gum containers for my husband who collects little things here and there. Especially when we travel. This one happened to have this cute little saying 'Have a Blast.' 


This would make such a cute gift card holder for any travel buffs like my husband and myself. My sister has a lovely way of expressing herself and calls me a 'crazy travel person.'  

In here, I'm keeping these interesting flowers we found in Scotland which I had never seen before. They  remind me of the trees in The Lorax :) 
You could write a cute little message on the tags. 
I used the 6x6 Burlap stack to line the box but the new Burlap mat stack would be great too.

To give the top some texture, I added a strip of the new yellow canvas mat stack and frayed the ends a bit. 

This is Travel Adventure, one of my favorite new stacks...Cause you know, I'm a 'Crazy Travel Person.' Lol 
You will definitely see this one a lot!

With some Burlap and Canvas 

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

So Ready!

Oh oh! I hope I didn't just jinx myself! 

I made all these cards in one evening. I cut my favorite tags and borders out of the cut apart sheets and used my favorite patterns for backgrounds. I added some bling to the tags and mated some elements in the Holiday Glitzy Glitter paper to give them some....glitz! ha!

Christmas Made Stack

Christmas Memories

Jolly Whimsy

I used the 180 Christmas and Winter Stack to make the envelopes. 
Love the lighter weight paper for this!



Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Not the Perfect Shot

...so this is not the perfect shot we were hoping for. But it turned out pretty darn nice anyway! 
We were freezing by the river Thames just trying to get 'THE shot' (you know the one where the wheel is a blur and you can see the blue lights as a circle)...anyway, This is as close as we got before we called it quits! 

I really enjoyed our time together and it was nice to see the hubs enjoy his passion & hobby (photography). 

One really cool thing I like about this LO, is that I typed the journaling on the Adhesive Fabric stack.
It turned out cool. I'm gonna be doing that more often! 

This is Travel Adventure & Adhesive Fabric 

Sunday, December 1, 2013

A White Christmas

Living in southern california, I've never had a 'white christmas' so I like to make cards with snowflakes and winter themes :)
 There are a ton of ways to make 'snow' on a card but I really found this to be super easy. 
I used pearls for snow and bling for tree ornaments. 


I tore some paper on the bottom and the white edge is perfect for the 'snowy ground' effect. 


This is Christmas Made 

and DCWV Bling