Monday, January 20, 2014

Our Tree

Do you have a special place where your initials are carved? :)

We have a tree where my husband carved our initials over a decade ago. 
We still continue to visit it when we get a chance. It's about time it got scrapbooked!

I was really having fun with this LO. I used burlap over a piece of paper from the Vintage Collector stack. I sewed on it and I made a tear because there was a bubble in that corner. So I sewed around the tear too. I got brave and sewed over the photos and pieces of washi...I know, one of the things I've never done is sew on photos! 
I've painted on them, cut them, written on them but never sewn on them!  
I wish I had bigger pink alphas, but I'm ok with those. 

So far the adhesive on the thickers is holding, I didn't stitch through them, but I might if they start falling off. Everything else seems pretty secure with scor-tape.  



Wednesday, January 8, 2014

DT Take Over Week at DCWV ;)

We have taken over the DCWV blog for the past week. I hope you've enjoyed all the Vintage Collector goodies we've been showing you.

The next couple LOs are very special to me. I'm so happy to have these stories down on the page and in my albums. 

Pauline has been my friend for 10 years. We started as Pen Pals, she was in France, I was in Southern California. We've become friends over time and have actually met in person and taken trips together a few times. She is just an amazing person and I'm proud to call her a friend. 

Her dream was to come to Southern California and see the desert, the national parks and our famous cities. 
This was taken at Rhyolite Ghost Town in Nevada. She loved the desert and claimed this building "Rhyolite Mercantile" as her new home and dubbed it "Pauline Mercantile."

We referred to this as her California home for the rest of the trip :)


During this trip we went to San Francisco, which my husband and I visited when we were first married in 2003. Pauline took a picture of us at the same place on Pier 39, 10 years later. 

Since the journaling here is very personal, I tucked in to the envelope on the left. 
If anyone wants to read it, they're gonna have to work a little harder to get it out ;) 

I used one of the Bingo cards for journaling

I flipped it over and wrote on the back. 

Hope you've enjoyed! 
Make sure you take a look at the DCWV blog for more Vintage Collector goodies!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Escape from Alcatraz

Ok, so we didn't really have to escape. A boat ride on a crowded ferry took us off the island ;) 

Alcatraz 1259 is the title of a book by William Baker, one of the last living prisoners who lived 'on the rock.' Don't worry, he's a good guy, he did time for auto theft. He paid his debt to society and has been on the straight and narrow for years. 
He was such a gentleman and a sweet guy who took pictures with everyone and smiled the whole time we were there. 
The book is actually pretty fun. He's got his own writing style for sure. 

We bought his book and he graciously signed it and took a photo with us.

When we got our tickets to get on the island, they gave us maps/brochures. 
Of course, I saved mine for a LO. Here it is:

All the wood veneers were a last minute addition (I colored them with a white chalk marker). Everything else was done and I was gonna leave it plain and simple. Then I had a need to add those birds...maybe 'cause the birds of Alcatraz are pretty famous and I wanted to bring in the nature aspect. The island is now a nature reserve with hiking trails and lots of plants. 


I wrote my journaling on a tag from the Vintage collector tag stack and stuck it under the Alcatraz map. It's secured with the paperclips too. 

First LO is done with DCWV's Sunday Afternoon and the second with DCWV's Vintage collector stack.

Since the vintage collector stack has it's own line of embellishments, I would love to see embellishments for the Sunday Afternoon stack Wouldn't you?

Sunday, January 5, 2014

World Famous Cable Cars

Last fall, we took a road trip with a friend, who you will meet later in the month in another LO. One of our stops was San Francisco and riding the cable cars was a must. 

My husband kept telling me he wanted to hang on the side, just like they do in the movies. When we first got on, it was pretty full and they only allow 2 people to ride on the side. However, after those people got off, the conductor in the back told him to go hang on the side cause there was room. He actually got to do it! 
I was very happy for him!

I was happy to sit down in the back and enjoy the view ;) We saw the fog rolling in to the bay and it was a unique sight for us. We don't get to see that in Los Angeles. 
Can you see I had fun with all the flowery stuff in the embellishment packs?!


I'm gonna display these 2 next to each other in my album. 

Friday, January 3, 2014

DCWV Stack-a-holic Challenge with Vintage Collector

I'm loving the new Vintage Collector goodies, I'm so glad DCWV is finally making embellishments. I hope this is just the beginning! 

This is my take on the Stack-a-holic challenge. The first one of the year! I've been wanting to scrap these pictures for a long time. 

I wasn't sure how to get these 3 pictures and all the journaling in the same LO in a way that allowed for embellishment and breathing room for all the images. I think this sketch did it. 

This is my take on the card sketch...How cool is that bottle cap?!


I used a card from the box of cards and cut it into a 4x4 square. I used the matstack and scraps for the rest. The bow is from the ephemera pack.

Check out the challenge and more inspiration at the DCWV blog

If you missed the video of all the new stuff, here's the link: Vintage Collector Release 

This is what I used: