Sunday, January 5, 2014

World Famous Cable Cars

Last fall, we took a road trip with a friend, who you will meet later in the month in another LO. One of our stops was San Francisco and riding the cable cars was a must. 

My husband kept telling me he wanted to hang on the side, just like they do in the movies. When we first got on, it was pretty full and they only allow 2 people to ride on the side. However, after those people got off, the conductor in the back told him to go hang on the side cause there was room. He actually got to do it! 
I was very happy for him!

I was happy to sit down in the back and enjoy the view ;) We saw the fog rolling in to the bay and it was a unique sight for us. We don't get to see that in Los Angeles. 
Can you see I had fun with all the flowery stuff in the embellishment packs?!


I'm gonna display these 2 next to each other in my album. 


  1. My hubby used to live around San Fran, he still misses it. I love the fact you got a pic of yours hanging off the side. I would totally do something like that!

  2. these are such pretty layouts! love hanging on the trolly!
    -Rachel w k

  3. Fabulous! Karla you have the best pictures")


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