Friday, April 11, 2014

Curly fries and shakes

My friend Pauline visited us from France last November. We took her on Route 66 to the filming site of Baghdad Cafe. We took a detour and ate at this cafe which happens to be a little off Route 66. It's full of American memorabilia and lots of souvenirs. I LOVE the 50's. I have the whole "I love Lucy" collection. Love the fashion too. That gave me the idea to decorate this dress form from Basically Bare as a 50's style dress. 

In the journaling I wrote about the milkshakes and curly fries. Pauline tried a milk shake almost everywhere we went. She deemed these the best milkshakes we had the whole trip. The curly fires were a big surprise for her, because she had never seen them before. 

I used the Chalk Fun stack out at Hobby Lobby: 

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