Sunday, January 11, 2015

European Rubbish

Well, the title applies to the Pizza we had at that Pizza Hut in the photo, you see it? 
It was a rainy Sunday in Paris and we were ill prepared. We couldnt find an open restaurant. All we found was a grocery store and bought some fruit. Then we found this Pizza Hut, we were bummed to have to eat american food but it was the only place open with hot food. 


We were so dissapointed with the taste! And thats a lot to say when you're hungry and it's cold. 
This is the Shimelle collection. I love it and can't wait for her next one! 
The journaling card on the left prompts you to write what you were seeing, feeling, hearing, etc...
Next time we're in Paris on a Sunday, we will definitely be better prepared!

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  1. Love the colors :) And still, Pizza Hut in Paris is better than Pizza Hut here because of the sheer fact it's in Paris!


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