Saturday, October 15, 2011

A look inside a Maya Road warehouse sale box

I'm a big fan of Maya Road, I think they have the coolest products, most of which can be customized to fit your projects. I don't think they've ever made anything 'ugly.' That's my opinion anyway. Once in a while they have these awesome sales where you purchase a 'surprise' box for about US$40-$50. They sell out super fast because they are so worth it. I must have been one of the first ten people to buy a box when they announced the sale on Tuesday and they were all sold out by Thursday! I got my box on Friday. Super fast, right? If you want to find out about the next sale, sign up for their newsletter or like them on facebook. I thought I should let you all in on the great deal ;)
I made a video so you can see all the goodies in the box

Might have to have a giveaway soon since I have doubles of some things from the previous sale and that I've bought on my own...I'll let you know when I put it together ;)

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  1. Oooo, what awesome goodies, Karla!! I am going to go check Maya Road out -- thanks for the tip!! :D



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