Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Is this hoarding? (& a giveaway)

I was listening to the Paperclipping Roundtable and heard something interesting... 

...if your paper stack is not taller than you, then it's not hoarding
I knew I was in trouble :p

I love paper! Can you tell?

In case you're wondering... 

1.No, I don't think I'm hoarding. I will have reached my limit if I fill up my shelves in the scraproom and in the garage. Ha! But I am worried about the flammability of my house.  

2.No, that is not ALL my paper. I left out a few inches of cardstock 

3. Most of these papers are DCWV because it's my favorite and they are just that generous with their design team :) 

4. My other favorites include Dear Lizzy and Echo Park 

5.Yes, I do know who has a taller stack of paper...Erin Madsen 

6. yes, I do have a place to keep my papers and yes, they all fit ;) 

7. Yes, I also think it's time for a giveaway! 
In honor of National Scrapbooking Day, I will be doing a giveaway of some DCWV stacks I have not cut into. 

These brand new stacks are up for grabs:
Sunday Afternoon 
Dear Jane 
Cinnamon Luster 

Leave me a comment letting me know what you love to hoard and which stack you'd like to win (list your preference from #1-#3) 
To give everyone plenty of time to enter, I'll do the drawing using on May 25

See, I still have room on my shelf :) 



  1. While I don't have nearly as much paper as you (that's amazing!), I do love collecting paper packs also, especially since they go on sale so often. And, the problem with this? I NEVER USE THEM! I find some that I just love and have to have and then think they are too awesome to use so I must save them! They are safely tucked away from dust, light, and the kiddos. Of course, winning another paper pack wouldn't hurt :) Thanks for the chance to win! Oh, and no preference on which pad to choose if I do win!

  2. Dear Karla, I saw the pic I thought you might be posing in some craft store.. ok go on...... As soon as I read further n knew that its ur paper stack..... first few words were OH MY GOD.. Really.... hahhaha fun apart I do love DCWV papers and love to collect them. Would like to win DCWV, Echo Park. You are great,.... :)))))))))))

  3. My favorite stack is # 2.
    At the moment, I collect vintage photos. <3

  4. WOW, you have surprised me... my paper comes only till my knees!!! I also love DCWV papers, I have a couple of stacks of them...
    Thanks for the chance on winning some paper, I don´t care which one, but if I have to choose one, Sunday afternoon is ok.
    Ardilla :)

  5. May 25 is my anniversary:) I don't have any paper packs, well thats a lie, I have 2:( Lately I seem to be collecting ribbons, that I forgot all about paper, and now I'm almost out. I do love DCWV paper though. and I am super jealous of your stack! :)

  6. what fun! :) i want to go through, and look at all your lovely paper. i guess you could say i'm a collector too, but i am really trying to go through my stash. i've discovered things i'd forgotten i owned. my fave stack in your giveaway is the #1 sunday afternoon. happy scrapbooking day in 2 days!

  7. Wow, that is a lot of paper, but a girl can never have enough hehe

  8. My husband thinks I hoard anything and everything, but I don't agree. I do however, not get rid of things I will most likely need again - like punches, even if not used in quite a while, why get rid of them if you think you'll use them again. Until they rust shut - I need to keep them!!!
    I'd love to win any of those paper packs!!

  9. 1. Thank you for making me a feel a lot better about how much stuff I am hoarding.

    2. Super cute pic!

    3. I wouldn't mind having that Sunday Afternoon stack


    Sorry i haven't been to your blog much lately, it's been a very busy few weeks:)

  10. I'm crashing your National Scrapbook Day all the way from Finland.
    I saw your comment on PRT and seriously thought you were just kidding. That pile is amazing!
    Can't say if I hoard anything but I always feel I don't have enough paper. ;) My favorite stack would be #1 in case you are shipping internationally....
    Thank you for a wonderful post!

    1. Hi Minna! Welcome :)yes, of course you can enter too!

  11. wowowoowow so lucky to have tons of paper pads... Seems like you have bought all store's paper stack. well I am your new follower. Truely wish if I can win drooling over this Karla. Kindly visit me. I would love to win any stack.. as all are new to me and recently started blogging.


  12. Oh Karla, this has me giggling as I saw the SAME discussion and Shimelle's comment on the Two Peas message board.

    I can not believe you actually stacked yours. There is NO way I'm doing that. Even though I'm really tall. Too funny!

  13. This is awesome!!! I am thinking that denial is the first sign....")

  14. wooow that is a lot of paper!! lol thanks so much for the giveaway (: I love Sunday Afternoon!

  15. Sunday afternoon is my favorite. I thought I had a lot of paper, but even with as short as I am, my stash hasn't reached my height. I like to consider myself a "collector"

  16. wow, that is a huge stack of paper! (I like it, though!! :D ) Mine would only come to somewhere above my knees, so that means I don't have enough, right?? lol! I love the Sunday Afternoon stack... I just started buying DCWV stacks; currently I buy alot more loose sheets, which means my collection grows slower than it could (thankfully). I do tend to 'hoard' it, though- you never know what color/pattern you might need!

  17. This is just awesome! :) I love that you took that photo!

    I only have about 30cms of paper/cardstock. Though if I stacked up my digi paper it would be 6m high I bet!

  18. I love your pic posing alongside a stack of papers. Wow! My stack is as high as your foot. Just 2 Cosmo Cricket used pads sent to me as RAK. I wouldn't mind any stack at all.

  19. Hilarious!!! I think that photo is classic and PERFECT for scrapping!! hehehe I'm totally into getting more and more paper so sign me up for this giveaway!! lol I would be thrilled with any of the three! hugs, Stacy H-W

  20. LOL first - don't enter me because I have the same problem!!! but I had to comment because you are so super stinkin cute! And I love that picture! I may have to do the same thing!!! Going to Vegas? Let me know!

  21. Seriously...I cannot wait to re-use your saying about the paper! LOL! What a hoot! I agree with you, DCWV paper is so wonderful! I love to collect paper because I make cards and scrapbook for my boys. I have to buy masculine/boyish papers for them, but my style is girly and I can't pass up gorgeous paper that I love (especially if it is on a great sale!) The Sunday Afternoon stack would be my top pick, followed by Cinnamon luster and then Dear Jane. Thanks so much for the chance to win and enabling we fellow paper crafters :)

  22. That photo is awesome! I think my husband would say I'm a hoarder of all things crafty but my 2 largest collections would be paper and stamps. Even so, I would love to win the Dear Jane Stack! It would be perfect for scrapping about books (and I do love Jane Austen so). Next wold be Sunday Afternoon and then Cinnamon Luster. Thanks so much for the chance to win!


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