Sunday, June 30, 2013


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Friday, June 28, 2013

Hello Beautiful!

I'm really loving DCWV's new Linen Closet stack. It's jut so gorgeous! you gotta see it in person. Anyway, I made this card with one of the cutouts. This one has some really fun sayings like "today has been cancelled, go back to bed" and "sometimes, I've believed as many as 6 impossible things before breakfast" (off the top of my head, not word for word). This is perfect for those of you who are tired of 'best day ever' sayings LOL. I heard you all on PRT! The episode I'm referring to was a while ago, can't remember the specific show, but the main point was that not every moment we scrap about is a 'best ever' moment. sometimes we  would like to document tough times and we don't have as many choices for product as we would like. 

I used a Pink Paislee butterfly from the warehouse sale box. 
Using up my stash! ;)
If this is not at your Jo-Ann's yet, it should be soon :) 


Oh yeah! Last day of work today! 

Sunday, June 23, 2013

For the collectors

This is vintage collector (new at Michael's in July). 

My husband and I are always collecting stuff, sea shells, rocks, and anything that has meaning. So I thought: a collector needs a place to keep collections right? So I covered this little box with the paper. 


It's one of the little white or kraft boxes you can get really inexpensive at Michael's.

Added this from the chalkboard paper on the inside. Wouldn't this would make cute packaging for a gift? 

I think this stack is going to be popular! 
Thanks for visiting ;) 

Friday, June 14, 2013

For the Nature Lovers

This was 4 years ago. The first time this CITY GIRL camped... EVER. First time I slept under the stars... So it was an open air campground with an electricity plug and bathrooms with running water, but still...I slept under the stars so it counts, right?


The journaling talks about this:
So my friend who camps a lot brought the tent but it was her sister's and my friend had never set it up before (it's a big 3 room tent). I've never set one up, my husband had in the military, but I'm thinking they use different tents because we were having trouble! Anyway... A nice man and his son camping nearby, saw us and started to help. Then a nice lady next  to us lent us a hammer, which made putting the stakes in the ground so much faster.The tent is a little crooked, but it worked ;) 
Those people were so nice, they just came up and offered to help.
 I just love it when there's goodness in the world :) 

Once I had this stack out, I made a card. Handy for father's day this weekend or for any guy friend. This is as manly as my cards get :) 

I used brown twine to make a tie for the button and left a little pocket for a gift card


Here's the back. How cute is that paper?!

Here's how I made the twine tie for the button. I used a paper piercer and put both ends of a piece of twine through. Then I knotted it and secured it with washi.  

This is DCWV's new Green Stack. It should be out at Jo-Ann's soon :) 
This stack has an amazing texture! 
It's great for inking (really brings it out) and I had no problem journaling on it. 

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Then & Now

Last Summer we got to meet a very important person in my mother in law's life. Her classmate and long-time friend. 
They met in Hong Kong when they were children and grew up together. They both left Hong Kong and kept in touch through letters and post cards. We visited her in Canada last year. They're both in their early 60's now. 
One of the first things she did was bring out a photo album that contained this old B&W photo of them. 


I used the Primrose stack to document this emotional reunion. 
I just have to say how much I love the texture of these papers. They're almost like fabric.
They have some accents in superfine glitter. But very tastefully done. 


This one is at Michael's. Go touch it!  :) 

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

June Stack-a-holic Challenge

The Colorful Life stack is one of my very favorite stacks. I also have the rub-ons and the chipboard. I just love color and paint. I also appreciate how the layering and background is all done! 


When we were in NY, we had to find this piece of the Berlin wall. It's in the courtyard of a little cafe somewhere off the main streets around 5th ave (if I remember correctly). Feel free to comment on its actual location if you know. It was just a quick stop for us. We took a few minutes to admire it and take lots of pictures. It was amazing to be there, looking at a piece of history. 
Hope you join the challenge at the DCWV blog :)