Monday, January 6, 2014

Escape from Alcatraz

Ok, so we didn't really have to escape. A boat ride on a crowded ferry took us off the island ;) 

Alcatraz 1259 is the title of a book by William Baker, one of the last living prisoners who lived 'on the rock.' Don't worry, he's a good guy, he did time for auto theft. He paid his debt to society and has been on the straight and narrow for years. 
He was such a gentleman and a sweet guy who took pictures with everyone and smiled the whole time we were there. 
The book is actually pretty fun. He's got his own writing style for sure. 

We bought his book and he graciously signed it and took a photo with us.

When we got our tickets to get on the island, they gave us maps/brochures. 
Of course, I saved mine for a LO. Here it is:

All the wood veneers were a last minute addition (I colored them with a white chalk marker). Everything else was done and I was gonna leave it plain and simple. Then I had a need to add those birds...maybe 'cause the birds of Alcatraz are pretty famous and I wanted to bring in the nature aspect. The island is now a nature reserve with hiking trails and lots of plants. 


I wrote my journaling on a tag from the Vintage collector tag stack and stuck it under the Alcatraz map. It's secured with the paperclips too. 

First LO is done with DCWV's Sunday Afternoon and the second with DCWV's Vintage collector stack.

Since the vintage collector stack has it's own line of embellishments, I would love to see embellishments for the Sunday Afternoon stack Wouldn't you?

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