Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sweet dog needs a home

So about a week ago, I found this dog near a park, no collar, no tags. I talked to people around the area and they told me that he probably got dropped off at the park. It's really a mistery to me why someone would do that to such a great dog. I called him over to me and he came happily, I told him to get in my car and he did. Then I noticed he was so stinky, he smelled like urine and the white fur on his neck was yellow, except for a the part where the collar should be. That was the only white part left, I'm guessign he was tied up and/or confined in such a small space that he had to live in his own filth. So I took him home, gave him a bath and took him to get scanned for a microchip (he didn't have one). While he was with me, he was the sweetest dog, he rolled over on his back so I would pet his belly, he gave me kisses, he follwed me everywhere. I posted ads to give his owners a chance to find him, I got no responses. I would have kept him if I didn't have 3 dogs already, I tried to find him a home too, with people I knew but none of them worked out. Since one of my dogs is already male and the dominant one in the house, he didn't like our guest very much, so I had to keep them separated all the time. It was too much, so I had to take him to the humane society, I was so sad to leave him there! He is a really great dog, so now, here's your chance to meet this little guy and see if he'll fit into your life. If you can't adopt him, please pass this link on so other people get a chance to meet him too.

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