Friday, August 20, 2010

Blank Canvas

So we needed another bookshelf because the ones we have right now are getting pretty full. Plus I wanted a place to put some baskets that can hold some of my scrapbooking things. I looked at a whole bunch of stores and finally I decided to give craigslist a try. I found one, and got it for $25! It needed a lot of cleaning but it was worth it.

Now I can feel free to play with it as much as I want. The original plan was to cover one side of it with cork and maybe put some thin molding around it to make my own frame for the board. Now I'm thinking about stenciling some nice black scroll or swirl designs all over. 

Here's the bookshelf all cleaned up!

Then a friend gave me this beautiful shelf liner...

What to do?....what to do?....

All I know is that it's so much fun to have such a big blank canvas to work with!
Don't you just love that feeling?!

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