Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Um....$5 for a cardboard magazine holder?!!! I don't think so...

This last weekend I went looking for magazine holders. I never really bought new ones. They just somehow ened up at my place...I suspect my husband had them before we got married. Anyway...I saw the price and I said...uh, no! I can make that for free! So I made this one:
I used a cereal box and some shelf liner my friend gave me, I really like the pattern! I lined the inside with sturdy cardboard, cause the cereal boxes are kinda flimsy. I also lined the inside with more shelf liner to make it look more finished. It didn't take any time at all. probably half an hour or less. oh the starbucks cup to the left is not really coffee. It's my mp3 player! : )

Here it is full of magazines:
I love it and I'm making more to hold my big sets of acrylic stamps. Come to think of it....I can make mini ones for my little dollar acrylic stamps....hmm....

 I'm going to try and scrapbook on the next ones. Maybe add some flowers and ribbons, some tags for labeling. I guess I could use spray adhesive and scrapbook paper to cover them.

Hope you think about recycling some boxes and making your own!


  1. what a great workdesk and coffee as well.....bliss thanks for the peek

  2. I use to make these from boxes of tide before they changed their packaging style. I hadn't thought of using cereal boxes, but I do use lots of cereal boxes for everything! I even use the small boxes of jello as a painted mini canvas:)


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