Saturday, December 25, 2010

Twelve days of Fluffmas questions

I discovered Stampin FluffnStuff not too long ago and have since been reading it and having a laugh or two. I have slowly gotten to read more and more about Faye and her fabulous cards. I really enjoy the way Faye writes and in my opinion, she should have considered a career in writing at some point in her life ;)
So when she posted this candy with "a Fluffy twist" I knew I wanted to take part. If you've never visited her, go and get to know her too. It's always fun :)

1. How old is Sweet Cheeks?

                   2 years old

2. What is the name of my Mum's Blog?

                    It's an alien life

3. What are my favourite colours? (Clue; they're not what you might think they are!)


4. We recently moved, but from which county?

                   I think you moved from Devon

5. How many posts did I write in August?


6. Which two Challenge Blogs do I play on?

                  I see that you posts projects for cupcake and sweet stamping challenges

7. When is my birthday? (Clue; I was on holiday!)

                 I think your birthday is in March, not sure which day...

8. What is my favourite crafting item?

9. Name the alternate reality I inhabit?

              Faye world

10. I love this as much as crafting, what is it?
              Chocklit :)

11. What do we refer to my Dad as? (Bonus stash if you can tell me what his remedy for anything is?)

            The Doc his remedy is a bottle of White Lightening, lol.

12. Once Upon a Time, I had a career in?
           You used to be a pastry chef, restaurant manager and worked in HR.
Hope I got most of them right...
This was a fun twist, what a great idea, Faye!

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