Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Leaving soon!

Hello friends!
I want to let you all know that the hubby and I will be going on a trip pretty soon....in a few days. I expect I won't have internet access so I won't be able to respond to your lovely comments. But I will make sure to get back to you soon after I come back. I will be scheduling posts so my blog doesn't get lonely. To keep a little fun going on my blog, remember my candy will be open until July 29. Make sure you enter ;) the link is Here or on my sidebar.
And don't you criminal types get any ideas! Just like my blog, my house won't be lonely either! The rest of my family and my 3 beasts will keep everything in shape for me ;) Lol.

So where will we be going? Care to guess? I'll try to put up some pics that don't make it too obvious so it'll be fun to guess. Here's 3 pics of 3 different cities in Europe.


The first one is difficult to guess. The last 2, not so much. 
Ok, let's hear those guesses!

I guess that's it for now! Stay tuned for my scheduled posts :)
I hope you all stay cool! 

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  1. Wow, wherever it is, I want to go! Hummm, I'm going to guess Madrid, Rome and Istanbul? I'm sure I'm completely wrong! I hope you and your hubby have a FABULOUS, exciting, safe, fun-filled trip! Enjoy :)



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