Friday, July 8, 2011

I Love Trims and ribbons!

*This is a scheduled post*

I love trims and ribbons so I had to add some to my candy, of course! 

I went through my stash and I also picked some up at the little fabric store where I found the buttons. 

Check out what I have to add: 
*2 yards of each*

*1 yard of chain by Blue Moon beads*

*12 inches of each of the beaded fringe ribbons*
*2 yards of Maya Road red pom pom trim* 
This might be the last addition to my candy! I will do the draw the weekend after I get back from my vacation. The last day to enter is July 29. I'm so excited to do the draw! :D
 I'll use 

Thank you for entering my candy, for following me and for all your lovely comments. 

I'll have some more scheduled posts to keep my blog free of dust and spiderwebs 'till I get back ;)

Good Luck to all! 

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  1. Ooooh and Aaahhh... I'm exicted for the draw too! Hope you have a great vacation!


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