Thursday, March 29, 2012

Free Digi Files. Quick little bookmarks :)

Hello all, 
I hope your week has been wonderful! 

I wanted to share these free digi files to make bookmarks...and anything else you can think of.
These are sponsored by the wonderful people at MyMemories 

But you can use them with any software, they're .png files. 
You can even insert them as pictures into word documents and resize as needed! 

This is what I created with them. You can just print them and cut them out. 
How great would this be for little gifts for your students or your children and their classmates?!
You can make them double sided if you glue or laminate 2 of them back to back :) 

There are also ready made bookmarks in .jpg files 

Once again, you don't need to get the software to make these. 
The files are totally free!

I really like the software and it's the only digi scrapbooking software I've liked. 
If you're interested there is a code on my sidebar that gives you a discount on the software. 

Here are the links where you can find the files: 

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  1. Those are cute... I love bookmarks because that means people are reading!!! :-)


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