Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Bam-Bam's first Halloween

It's going to be October soon! Here in the U.S, stores already have their Halloween displays up. 
Last year was my nephews FIRST Halloween! It was so exciting cause first Halloweens are sooo cute! :) 
It took me almost a year to put it down on paper, but its done! 
Better late than never, right? 
Here are the supplies I chose to document this 'first': 
These are from DCWV's Bewitched collection. I picked a lot of 12x12 sheets and a few matstack patterns. This is a great project for both sizes depending on the print size you prefer. 
I just LOVE those glitter papers. That black glitter is the best!

I'm using a clear acrylic album from Maya Road. I wanted to be able to see some papers through the clear pages so I cut different size square pieces (rounded the edges). The back pieces are *almost*  the size of the album. I traced them and then trimmed around the edges to get the same pattern but smaller. 

Love how the layers are visible through the acrylic :D

These are single sided papers, so the trick is to ink around the edges of the pieces (front and back) and if you add something on one side of the acrylic page, you must add the same shape on the same spot on the back side of the same page. This also hides the adhesive ;) 
I use this technique for the accents on the pages too. Like the banners. 

If there is a banner one one side, there is a banner on the back of that page too. This also helps with keeping consistency throughout your mini which makes all the pieces come together.
I wanted the back to be as flat as possible. I used these epoxy stickers. I love how these sticker packs have a great mix of small and big pieces. 

The super cute stars are Blumenthal Lansing buttons. I finished off the mini with some ribbon and twine on the chain. 
This mini tells the story of how my nephew used to bang on everything at 10 months, so we used to call him Bam Bam and thats why he ended up as Bam Bam for Halloween. Consequently his mom and dad dressed up as Betty and Barney Rubble. Grandma sewed all those costumes, including the cap and a soft little bat for Bam Bam. 

Thanks for visiting. Hope you enjoyed :)


  1. I love this mini Karla. Especially Bam Bam, the star of the show. :)

  2. Hi Karla. Thanks for your lovely comment at mine. I could never pull off a project like this, it's wonderful, so many cool details. Have a great weekend. xx


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