Wednesday, November 7, 2012

NY Cab Experience

Whatever possessed us to ride a cab in New York City? We will never know! 
OK, yes, I do know...

It's a MUST, we thought...
An EXPERIENCE unique to New York, we thought...
We definitely have to Ride a NY cab, we thought... 
Those YELLOW cabs are famous, we thought...
We were definitely right, it was an Experience! 
It was a Crazy ride and we only did it once! 
Almost witnessed a few people getting run over....almost! 
We were TERRIFIED the entire ride. 
So when the driver said 'is this ok?' we said 'sure!' 
Even though it wasn't exactly super close to where we were going. 
We were glad to get out! We had a good laugh :)


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  1. That was funny. I live in NYC and I know exactly what you went through! lol... I am glad you at least came to NYC and hope you had a wonderful time here. Please come again :)


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