Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Got chocked up on a video class :/

I was given a free class to review from DailyCraft TV and I chose a class with Lisa Bearnson called '50 Moments: Scrapbook the pages that matter the most.' You can learn about it here: http://www.dailycrafttv.com/videos/4037_50-moments-scrapbook-the-pages-that-matter-most/ (Reg. price $4.99)
Although the class was free for me, this is my honest opinion. Nothing but the truth here ;)

Wow! I LOVE her style in this class!
I really felt like I was sitting across the desk from her and felt like she was talking to me :)

As you know, I'm one of the growing number of scrapbookers who do not have children.
I was a little thrown off at first with this class because it starts off with a heavy focus on children. However, I watched the entire thing and got a lot out of it.

Basically, this class helps you  make pages about different important topics like things you believe, your comfort foods, traditions, lessons you've learned, what you do for fun & many other topics. In the class, the goal is to leave these pages for your children. That's why Lisa did these LO's anyway. However, these topics are great to make meaningful pages about yourself. This is something some of us may struggle with (ok, maybe it's just me!).
This is DEEP stuff! I don't think I would have even thought about making those pages without this class.

You also get to see another take on the topics from Lisa's contributors. I always like seeing variety. Helps me think of another way to approach the topic/page. This class is based on a book by the same name but the class on its own is great too. I don't have the book.

She also uses beautiful quotes in every video chapter and teaches a few techniques throughout the class.

Warning: You may get emotional/choke up/shed a tear.
Lisa is just so genuine, you really feel what she's feeling.
I got choked up a few times. That doesn't usually happen with classes!

I really enjoyed this class and hope you will check them out when you need inspiration! Thanks for visiting :)

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