Saturday, August 24, 2013

100% Memorable

I saw this WRMK map paper at my LSS and decided I needed it. LOL 
It came with the 'so many coastlines to visit' strip as well as the arrows and a journaling strip I didn't use on this LO. 

I bought it before I went on vacation and it turned out to be perfect for this LO about a visit to a beach in Scotland. It was quite a drive from where we were staying but it was worth it! 

As you can see it was pretty cold for a couple from so cal. 


Oh yeah...I started this LO attempting to 'embrace the white space.' HA! 
once I had everything laid out I noticed there wasn't too much white space left! LOL 

I guess I'm gonna give it another try. I like to try different styles because you learn so much when you leave your comfort zone. 

For me, this LO was not far away from my comfort zone at all, but I like it.
I'll give the 'white space' thing another try and share here :) 


  1. Great page Karla! I have trouble "embracing the white space" lol

  2. Can't wait to see the white space LO! :)


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