Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My Lady and My Tramp

My husband and I got Zoe when she was a puppy. 
This was before we were knowledgeable about shelters and the homeless pets at overcrowded dog pounds. 
I think the people we bought her from were constantly breeding their dogs and selling the puppies. It's sad that we didn't know better at the time. 
However I don't regret it because we ended up with Zoe and she is wonderful. 

When Zoe was 2 years old, we decided we wanted another dog. This time we knew better and the county animal control was having a promotion at the dog pounds. Any dog over a year old was $47 fixed and with shots. 
I browsed their online database and found a dog I knew belonged with us. However, he was in a pound that was a bit far and we were not able to make it to that pound right away.

A couple weeks later we were driving close to the area where the pound was located and decided to stop by and have a look. The dog I wanted was still there! My husband took one look and said 'let's take him home!' 

When we got him, he was covered in fleas and had kennel cough but the pound even provided the medication to treat the kennel cough for FREE. Yep. FREE. Awesome. 
oh, and flea drops and a vet visit to any vet, both FREE. 
Did I mention they also provided a FREE microchip? 
I know, pretty cool! 


Jacob and Zoe really bonded after a year. Now they're really cute together. Once in a while, they go nuzzle each other and give each other a little lick on the snout. This picture of them always reminds me of the movie 'Lady and the Tramp.' 


Of course now I have 3 dogs. But I'll tell you the story of how we got the 3rd one in a different post. This turned out a lot longer than I thought.  

Hope your week is going well :)

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