Thursday, December 19, 2013

Have a Blast!

This used to be a mint container. I usually upcycle mint and gum containers for my husband who collects little things here and there. Especially when we travel. This one happened to have this cute little saying 'Have a Blast.' 


This would make such a cute gift card holder for any travel buffs like my husband and myself. My sister has a lovely way of expressing herself and calls me a 'crazy travel person.'  

In here, I'm keeping these interesting flowers we found in Scotland which I had never seen before. They  remind me of the trees in The Lorax :) 
You could write a cute little message on the tags. 
I used the 6x6 Burlap stack to line the box but the new Burlap mat stack would be great too.

To give the top some texture, I added a strip of the new yellow canvas mat stack and frayed the ends a bit. 

This is Travel Adventure, one of my favorite new stacks...Cause you know, I'm a 'Crazy Travel Person.' Lol 
You will definitely see this one a lot!

With some Burlap and Canvas 

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