Thursday, July 3, 2014

The few, the proud...

Tomorrow is Independence Day here in the USA and all week on the DCWV blog, we have been showcasing patriotic projects. 

My husband served 5 years in the Marine Corps. before we got married.
 I don't usually document our lives pre-marriage, I document every day stuff, events and our travels. But I thought I better start documenting more of our backgrounds because our kids are going to want to know more about us for sure. 


I wanted to know more about his experience in the Marines and I wanted to put it in a way that would be easy for kids to read and understand. So I wrote some questions for him on a piece of 'The Ledger' stack which has that cool bracketed edge. I left space for him to answer the questions in his own handwriting. I think our handwriting whether we think it's pretty or not, is an important part of ourselves that should be recorder for posterity. Especially if we take into consideration how much we type these days. 


I folded the ledger paper in half and tucked it in behind the blue square. I included other pictures of him as a Marine in the folded paper. I just let the bracketed edge peek out so it can be used as a pull tab.  

Have a wonderful 4th of July!!! 

I used: 
The Brooklyn Stack, the Corrugate Stack, the Ledger Stack and Cardstock Neutrals



  1. I love this! I got into scrapbooking after my kids were all grown up. I can tell you that the first thing they do when they come home is reach for my scrapbooks. They love the ones that I have made of when they were too little to remember.

  2. HAPPY 4TH JULY! What a lovely idea and I agree with all you are saying about preserving things from the past.
    Hugs, Neet (remember me?) xx

  3. Terrific layout and love that you included that extra info! Thank your husband from all of us, for his service in the Marines! We are grateful!

  4. I forgot how much I enjoy looking at your layouts Karla. The details are always spot on x


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