Thursday, May 14, 2015

I can finally show you...

I can finally show you... what I made my mom for Mother's day! 
It's a photo book (almost) full of baby pictures. Since she doesn't get to see her every day, I thought she could look through this when she misses her. And of course, she can use it to show off to family and friends like a good grandma!

I used the DCWV Baby Girl Mini book. The mini books come with paper embellishments, washi tape pieces and washi tape stickers. It is super fast to put one together.  

There are some vellum pages, pockets and envelopes scattered through out the book.

I made sure to leave space for future pictures and memorabilia.

I used a date stamp on most photos...

I decorated some blank pages but added the adhesive off to the side, so she can still slide the photo under the embellishment.

What products make gifting hand-made items quick and fun for you?


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  2. awwww, sweet! I bet she's one happy gram! I gift food a lot, although I would like to start gifting things like this. I'm just not sure my family is ready for it - they all love the food - but I do homemade cards sometimes and they do like them!


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