Saturday, February 27, 2016

New Jersey Adventure

This layout is actually inspired by the story. The photo is just one of the many that we took in the area and I like it, so I decided to use it here. 

The photo is our view of New York from our hotel in New Jersey. 
We rode the train into the city every day because we didn't want to drive our car into NY. When we drove into New Jersey, we went to get gas and my husband got out of the car. Well, two men approached him from different directions and we thought we were about to get mugged! lol
They were actually just trying to let him know about the law. You can't fill up your own gas in New Jersey.they have paid attendants to do that. We thanked them and explained we were from California and we fill up our own gas.
The hotel staff laughed so hard when we told them the story! 

I used the new Stateside line out at Joann's. There is paper, embellishments, tag stacks. posters. All kinds of awesome coordinating products and I'm loving it all!!!

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