Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Here's what's on my desk today:
Today I'm working on coloring a digi stamp I got at It's a little mushroom house for a mouse. It's too cute!
I'm gonna try to make it shimmery with some perfect pearl powder! I have a jar to stash my chocolates now. That way I don't have to stare at them all the time. and the starbucks cup is not really coffee, it's my mp3 player in disguise! Clever, huh?! to the digi stamp I have some dazzle stickers from paper wishes! beautiful, I just want to keep looking at them! Now I'm off to see your workdesk!...


  1. Very sweet digi image, I love Lynn's stuff, there are so many talented peeps out there aren't there! Love the Starbucks mp3 player, I could do with one of those!


  2. A mp3 player disguised as a Starbucks cup? How cool is that!

  3. I saw that freebie on Lyn's blog. I bet she will be pleased that you downloaded it.

    My face is RED. Yep, I'm one who commented about your coffee cup. Great disguise. You sure have me laughing at my faux pax. Love it. Happy WOYWW.

  4. Lovely images. Look forward to seeing what you do with them.
    A x

  5. Aha - I wondered if you lived aroudn the corner from a Starbucks! Great disguise. Lyn's images are so cute - you will show us the finished item, huh?

  6. Great desk, cant wait to see the finished image.


  7. Clever thing to do with your MP3 player - maybe I should do something equally smart with my purse from the boys so they can't get more money... or would i rather hide my candy LOL... i'll put everything in the dishwasher as no one bothers looking in there LOL.

    Thanks for visiting me. I love your block 'wallpaper' by the way, gorgeous colours.

    Paula x x x

  8. The Starbucks cup is brilliant :D

    Love that shelf above your desk too. So handy.

  9. oh wow, I get all excited when I spy one of my digi's on someone's desk! It's going to look great I just know it!! Love the StarBucks too, brought a paper cup back with me all the way from the states and then...someone threw it out!! (sorry I'm soooo late getting round, car trouble, dogs (we are dog sitting so not at home) are wearing my legs out, I'm sure I'm shorter! and basically, I'm a very slow reader and even slower typist! Have a good WOYWW!!


  10. Perhaps Julia can start a new feature called 'Whats in Your Starbucks Cup Sunday?' :-)

  11. Cool digi - I spotted that on Spyder's blog and thought how great it was!


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