Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hello 2011!

Happy New Year to everyone out there! I hope 2011 will bring you more wonderful things and experiences than 2010. This year has gotten off to a great start for me. I just recently became an aunt for the first time (yay!) and I have really gotten more into my crafts.

I don't usually do new years resolutions, but I think this year I will make an exception and really stick to this one: Make crafting time every day. It's very hard with work and school, but I will find encouragement out here in blogland :) I came across this post in Julie's blog, check it out at  Join in anytime!

Julie's idea is to inspire people to work on an art journal every day, it can be 5 minutes, 10 minutes or as long as you are able to. Any style and type of journal is welcome, I've seen anything from doodling and sketches to complete journal pages.

I like her idea so much because art is such a stress reliever and because my hands just plain itch when I don't touch my supplies for a few days.

I've also been working on my art journal from Tammy's  free class Art, Heart and Healing  
She's so great, she spent a lot of her time doing these videos for us, helping us and chatting with us.
You'll need to make a profile and click on groups to see the Art, Heart and Healing class. I really enjoy it, still working on it, you can also start this class anytime.

Tam's class is great for learning some art techniques but it also has a 'healing component' focused on helping you reflect on and heal childhood trauma. Nothing is mandatory and the exercises can be done from a purely artistic perspective, but I decided to work on the healing part and I've really enjoyed it.

Here's my art journal, the cover is almost done. I'm gonna write some words on the top. I finished a few pages inside, here's a one and I'll put up the other ones later. This is my first art journal and it's so much fun! That's me when I was about 2 yrs. old :D

Can't wait to hear what you're all up to this New Year :)
Best wishes to all!!!


  1. happy new year

    I have a cricut cart giveaway going right now. Feel Free to check my blog for details:)

  2. Its always fun to run across someone else who is doing the same thing I am...I have done a few of the exercises of Art, Heart, and healing too....I got bogged down with the image transfer though and kinda ground to a halt. Yours looks great!!

  3. Love your New Year's resolution! Your journal looks awesome (and so much fun to do)! Glad you are going to do Project 2011 with me too :))))


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