Sunday, January 23, 2011


Thanks to Neet, I learned how to make a staggered card. I'm giving it to my 12 year old cousin who just won first place in a spelling bee. Yay!

I got this award today from Sunshine Girl Yay!

Thank you Nicola!

I have to pass it on to 5 other people:

MsChiddy has a blog full of wonderful ideas

I visit Tertia on Wednesdays and it's always fun

Jude's blog always has beautiful projects and inspiration

Alex makes beautiful papercrafts and jewelery, you have to check her out

There's always a beautiful scrapbook layout and fun pictures at Stacy's blog

I hope your weekends were wonderful, see you wednesday for WOYWW!


  1. Thankyou hun for thinking of me that is so kind .Im so honoured .I shall go add to post and pass onto the girls
    thank you again
    you made my day!
    hugs judex

  2. Hi Karla

    Glad you managed to follow my instructions - you have made a beautiful card for your cousin. Congrats to him/her for the spelling bee.
    Hope you manage to make some more using this technique - kind of cool! If you go to Tutorials on my blog there are some more folded cards with directions.

  3. Thanks Karla! That is so nice of you!
    Your card turned out beautifully! I really like green and purple together.

  4. Thanks for the award Karla!! So sweet of you! I already posted about it on my blog.

    Thanks also for the sweet, kind words you left me on my blog during this hard time. It really makes a difference and lifted my spirits. You are a sweetheart!! Hugs!!!

  5. What a beautiful card Karla! I love these. Congrats on the blog award. Very well deserved :)


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