Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sweet Bracelets

Hello, is anyone still there?!
 I need to dust off the cobwebs on my blog! I've been neglecting it lately. 
I've been busy making projects for DCWV. It's pretty awesome, so no complaints here! 
They have some amazing new stacks coming out soon and through next year. They're also going to have this cool new show on My Craft Channel in October. 
I worked on one of the projects and I'm excited to see what it will look like in the episode :)


In other news...
Here are some bracelets I made with the sweet bloom stack
These are made of recycled tape rolls. After I finished the tape...I think it was masking tape, I just kept the rolls. I used to use them to trace circles, but I got to thinking they would make great bracelets!

 I wrapped strips of paper around the tape roll until it went all around. Thinner strips like 1/4" are easier than thicker strips to wrap around. However if you wrap it around with paper twice, the second time you can use a thicker strip and you get a little different look. You can use rhinestones, gliltter, depends on your preference. I'm more of an earthy person, so I left them plain. I used a strip of paper and scor tape to go around the inside of the bracelets and hold the ends in place. I finished them with a coat of Beacon Fast Finish Decoupage. I love this because its not tacky, like modge podge but still gives you a nice glossy finish. 

 Here they are all finished!

You can find The Sweet Bloom Stack at Michael's right now :)

Thanks for visiting! Have a GREAT weekend!


  1. How cool, your work will be on MCC!! Congrats! Hope you are feeling better :)


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