Tuesday, December 18, 2012

On the 5th day of Christmas with DCWV...

5 Party Ideas with 5 of our Holiday stacks

Evergreen Stack

#1 a mini cake box perfect for little favors and small gifts 
(I give you the measurements and instructions at the end of this post) 


The Crafty Christmas Stack 
#2 a gift can with a beautiful sentiment 
     This is a flower tin from Michael's that can be recycled to hold a little gift.
The paper says 'If there is no joyous way to give a festive gift, give love away' 
The First Noel Stack

Decorate the top with a rosette 
#3 Napkin rings 
     Add a little something to any gathering, big or small.
The Traditional Holiday Stack
#4 & #5 A garland and a wine glass marker 
     You can make tons of wine glass markers with your scraps. The Winter Holiday stack is perfect because of its glossy texture, it won't get as affected by moisture as your other papers. To make this I punched a circle then folded it in half. Then I used a smaller circle punch (or you can use scissors) to cut a half circle shape from the folded edge of the big circle. Make a slit that goes to the middle and that's it (like a donut with a slit going to the center). How big you need to make the hole in the middle really depends on the stem size on your glassware. 

     The garland is made out of the Evergreen stack, just punch circles and sandwich them along a ribbon. Then punch smaller circles or holiday shapes to stack on top. It can decorate a tree, a table or a wall ;) 

The winter Holiday stack (wineglass marker)
The Evergreen Stack (garland)
To make the mini cake box start with a 12x7 piece of paper. Then score as indicated. I used my scor-pal, made it much easier.Then cut the flaps to the center as shown. 


Fold as shown below and glue the flaps. Make sure the 2 small flaps are on the inside. There you go! The top of the box needs to be tied down with ribbon or washi taped on the sides to stay closed (just like a cake box). The possibilities for decoration are endless ;) 

If you want, you can make a little half circle slit on the very front flap so it will be easier to flip open (see first box picture at beginning of post).It will also give people an indication of where to open the box.  



Hope you've enjoyed these ideas. 
Feel free to leave me a question or comment ;)


  1. Your projects are so pretty. I really love the lil box. Wonderful job on all of them.

  2. Very cute! So many ideas! I love the wine glass markers and the cake box! Great ideas!~

  3. And best wishes back to one of my favorite scrappy bloggers :) Hope you and your family have an awesome holiday!


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