Saturday, April 27, 2013

My Favorite Color Is Purple

I find I don't use much purple in my scrapbooking. 
Not sure why. Maybe its a lack of cute purple supplies?  
That's why this stack makes me happy: 
The colors are just BEAUTIFUL!
I think I have a new  another favorite :)

We had to stop and snap a picture of this beautiful rainbow while walking around Central Park in NY. 
Not much journaling needed here. There's no story, it's just one of those moments that get stuck in your memory and deserve to be scrapped. After all, this might have been a once in a lifetime view for me :)  

The beautiful gold in these papers is just lovely. 
I used the Luxe rub-ons here and the Uncharted Waters gold alphas.

Once I had these papers out, I decided to upcycle a used thread spool and turn it into a pin cushion.
Now that I can display my pins, maybe I'll remember to use them, huh? 
and I'll have a pop of purple in my craft room :) 


Here's how I did it: 
1.Took the stickers off the top & bottom and punched a circle of the same size from the Violet Leaf stack. I used an iCraft adhesive sheet to cover the circle with adhesive. This will be the bottom of the spool. 2.I turned the spool over & grabbed a handful of polyester stuffing. I used a skewer to stick the stuffing in the openings making sure I didn't put too much in so the paper didn't pop out the bottom. 3.I cut a felt circle the same size as the spool and and a circle of purple fabric about an inch bigger than the felt. I sewed around the fabric circle like I did with these yoyo flowers but left the edge around the spool and secured it with more thread. 4.Finally I cut a rectangle piece of paper to go around the spool and used the iCraft adhesive again to make sure the entire piece was covered in adhesive. 





You can make the top as puffy as you want by adding more felt & stuffing on top 
of the spool under the fabric. 
I just LOVE this purple & gold stripe pattern :) 

In case you're not familiar with the icraft adhesive, this is what I keep talking about:  
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