Friday, June 14, 2013

For the Nature Lovers

This was 4 years ago. The first time this CITY GIRL camped... EVER. First time I slept under the stars... So it was an open air campground with an electricity plug and bathrooms with running water, but still...I slept under the stars so it counts, right?


The journaling talks about this:
So my friend who camps a lot brought the tent but it was her sister's and my friend had never set it up before (it's a big 3 room tent). I've never set one up, my husband had in the military, but I'm thinking they use different tents because we were having trouble! Anyway... A nice man and his son camping nearby, saw us and started to help. Then a nice lady next  to us lent us a hammer, which made putting the stakes in the ground so much faster.The tent is a little crooked, but it worked ;) 
Those people were so nice, they just came up and offered to help.
 I just love it when there's goodness in the world :) 

Once I had this stack out, I made a card. Handy for father's day this weekend or for any guy friend. This is as manly as my cards get :) 

I used brown twine to make a tie for the button and left a little pocket for a gift card


Here's the back. How cute is that paper?!

Here's how I made the twine tie for the button. I used a paper piercer and put both ends of a piece of twine through. Then I knotted it and secured it with washi.  

This is DCWV's new Green Stack. It should be out at Jo-Ann's soon :) 
This stack has an amazing texture! 
It's great for inking (really brings it out) and I had no problem journaling on it. 

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