Monday, October 17, 2016

Halloween Party Fun!

Hello! Anyone have a Halloween party planned? 

I do and I've been busy making decorations. By the way, 
I have a cute little helper for today's post: 

If you're having a party, these stacks are a MUST. 
I was able to quickly make these cute decorations very quickly thanks to these 2 stacks:

Here's a sample of the cool stuff I made. 

The bats in the background are simply popped off the stack and taped to fishing line and the line is secured to the display board. 
I also took a couple bats and put them on sticks. They can be used as props in a photo booth :) 

Here's my little helper showing you these props. 
Surprisingly, she loves that paper cat!

The hats are cool because they can be used as treat holders, photo booth props, or party hats! Just staple some elastic to the sides for a handle or to secure on your head. 

These treat containers from the Lia Griffith stack make great goody bags to hand out at a party! 

I added the tiny bats with wire so they look like they're flying in front of the house. 
Feel free to get creative with these awesome stacks, they cut out a lot of the hard work, so it gives you more time to embellish and get creative. 

Hope you have a great week!

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