Monday, January 15, 2018

Commercial Palm Trees Review

I have something a little different today. I recently received a product to review from Commercial Palm Trees. They manufacture fake palm trees for commercial properties. I always wondered how some businesses had birds of paradise plants alive and well long after mine stopped blooming. Now I know! The Commercial Palm Trees website is full of beautiful ideas and landscape designs. Judging by the product I got, I believe that the fake palm trees would look absolutely real. I decided to do this review for a couple reasons, first, I know crafters are people who work in a variety of fields including architecture and interior design. I'm hoping some of you will benefit from me spreading the word about commercial palm trees and I encourage you to check out their beautiful website.

Secondly, looking at nature indoors is always so relaxing! I definitely think that it helps me think and work better to be close to plants. I've been wanting to spruce up my craft room with something green and natural that doesn't need the care of a real plant because I don't need another chore or water overflowing onto my craft supplies or furniture. So it sounded like a great match!

Here are some of the products I received in exchange for spreading the word about Commercial Palm Trees.  These cute succulents look so great in my craft room, it really puts me in a better mood to have some little plants in here. 

I already had this big shell here and I love how the little succulent in the shell looks next to it! 

If you want to spruce up your craft room with something similar, Click HERE and use code BLOGGER10 to receive 10% off your order. 

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